the ideas continue

as the season’s begining advances the ideas for cloud 9 are coming in a flurry. two new items to include on the farm … 1. Solar dehydrator :                                                   2. cold […]

CLOUD 9 goes to PASA

This week Cloud 9 made it’s debut at PASA (Pennsylvania Assosiation of Sustainable Agriculture). The momement was small, but proud! We got a shout out at the Permaculture pre-track and our project was compared to the farm in Queens, the Brooklyn Grange. Yesssssss. – Ideas for our rooftop farm include : 1. Growing Vertical 2. […]

Welcome to 2012. Cloud 9 loves the New Year!

As January comes to an end the upcoming farm season becomes a reality! Cloud 9 is gearing up for the creation of it’s demonstration garden, using products from rooftop gardening companies like Rooflite, Hydrotech, and planters from Philadelphia’s Backyard Farmer Al Brenner. Our fantastic friends at UrbanEcoForms are designing our rooftop space to include productive […]

PHS City Harvest Grower’s Alliance



hi folks, our paypal account is currently not working so if you’d like goods we’ll have to do it the old school way. Please send us an email at with a list of what you’d like and your address and a check for the right amount made out to Cloud 9.  We will then […]

2011 Cities Alive Green Roof Conference