2011 Cities Alive Green Roof Conference


How timely is it that the Green Roof and Walls conference was in Philaelphia, PA this past week. Rania and I were able to learn about incredible rooftop projects and products through attending workshops or visiting the trade show filled with all the new green roof/wall inventions. Conversations about policy, greening the city, and rooftop agriculture brought a new level of excitement and intrigue to the Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm team. Each person we met, each person we still need to contact, is a vital asset to our project and has so much to offer! 

While needing to raise 1.5 -2 million dollars is no small task we’re inspired by rooftop farms like the Brooklyn Grange , Eagle St. Farm, and the beautiful school rooftop farms we learned about in Chicago and Toronto.

The was a feeling of something really fresh and exciting happening at Cities Alive and we’re ready to grab hold of that energy and bring Philadephia a rooftop farm.!