About the Farm

About the Farm


What we’re doing! 

At Cloud 9, we foster community and environmental stewardship through rooftop farming. Cloud 9 was born out of a dream to not only farm in urban spaces, but to create a healthier, more beautiful Philadelphia. Cloud 9 works with people like you to develop rooftop gardens that serve your community.

Cloud 9 offers hands on education about rooftop agriculture and volunteer opportunities, in addition to producing for sale and donation in local markets and food pantries.

Where are we Located :

Cloud 9’s flagship farm is located 1221 Fairmount Ave on the roof of Guild House West, an apartment building for low-income seniors. In partnership with residents, Cloud 9 is growing herbs for home health remedies and flowers to attract pollinators. The garden is built as an oasis for residents and demonstration site for our training programs.



Cloud 9 was formed in April of 2012, and founded Guild House West’s rooftop farm in 2013.

As fuel prices rise and we become increasingly aware of the impacts our food system is having on the world, we will need to source more food from local producers. We wish to serve as an example of how a little bit of creative planting can drastically increase the food production potential of Philadelphia. Our goal is to permanently enhance the quality of life for ourselves and our community through growing vegetables in a sustainable and economically viable way.

Why Rooftop Agriculture ?

Rooftop agriculture benefits ecosystems, communities, and buildings byphoto(10)

  • Minimizing stormwater runoff
  • Extending the life expectancy of roofing materials
  • Reducing cooling costs
  • Using underutilized space to grow delicious food and beautiful flowers!

Rooftop agriculture is especially important in Philadelphia as the city explores sustainable solutions to economic, social, and environmental issues. By growing food on your roof, you are increasing Philadelphia’s green acres bit by bit without competing with commercial or residential development. Let’s show the world that Philadelphia CAN be the nation’s greenest city!