Our Farms

Our Farms


What we’re doing! 

At Cloud 9, we foster community and environmental stewardship through rooftop farming.

Cloud 9 partners with organizations and buildings to design, build, and support the growth of community-led rooftop and urban gardens. Cloud 9 offers community-led design facilitation, project management, trainings, and community programs at a number of sites throughout Philadelphia.

Where are we Located?

Cloud 9’s flagship farm is located 1221 Fairmount Ave on the roof of Guild House West, an apartment building for low-income seniors. In partnership with residents, Cloud 9 is growing herbs for home health remedies and flowers to attract pollinators. The garden is built as an oasis for residents and demonstration site for our training programs.

Cloud 9 is working with Congregation Rodeph Shalom, the Kirkbride Center, and North Broad Street Center to transform roofs, lawns, and indoor spaces into vibrant community-led gardens.



Cloud 9 was born out of a dream to not only farm in urban spaces, but to create a healthier, more beautiful Philadelphia.

Cloud 9 was formed in April of 2012, and founded Guild House West’s rooftop farm in 2013. This resident-led rooftop herb and flower garden at an apartment building for low-income seniors. The garden provides herbs for medicinal and culinary uses to an on-site food pantry, and offers space for relaxation while residents watch local pollinators flit amidst the rooftop’s flower garden.

Why Rooftop Agriculture ?

Rooftop agriculture benefits ecosystems, communities, and buildings byphoto(10)

  • Minimizing stormwater runoff
  • Extending the life expectancy of roofing materials
  • Reducing cooling costs
  • Using underutilized space to grow delicious food and beautiful flowers!