Summer Supper Club

IMG_20150626_194023510We kicked off this summer with our first supper club.  We might be biased, but it was a blast!  Meeting new friends, getting to harvest some of the first summer vegetables, and then making delicious spring rolls with our bounty, I mean what is not to love?

For us at Cloud 9, it went deeper than just having fun and hosting an event because we had the opportunity to see some of our hard work come to fruition as folks gathered around to foster community in our garden space.  As one of our core values, we aim to engage our community to be involved in the conversation on sustainability and food access.  We think being in community is where we can flourish.

As many already know, we can’t assume sustainability will happen by just one person doing it.  While it is important to take our individual roles seriously, we also need to be aware of the greater scope outside of us, which is why we need community.  Community supports us when we are weak, when we feel desperate and start to wonder if we really are making a difference.  Community allows us to thrive, to learn more, and to do more.  Not only do we have a bigger impact when we have community, but we  also have people we can count on.   For this reason, Cloud 9 seeks to engage in communities, and create space for communities to establish.

As we watched new people strike up friendships in our gardens over food we grew and collectively made as a Supper Club community, it reaffirmed our work is needed in this neighborhood and in Philadelphia.

If you are interested in joining our Supper Club community mark Sept 18 on your calendar!  Until then, join our newsletter to see what fun things Cloud 9 is up to in Philly.  Sneak Peek: family fun soil workshop where kids will help us make and paint recycled small irrigation systems for our roof on July 25.

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