Barnraiser Campaign

Warmer weather is around the corner and we cannot wait to open our farm up for programming, events, and volunteer opportunities. But we need a fence! Support our Barnraiser campaign. Help us buy a fence!

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March 12th-May 12th

2 Comments on “Barnraiser Campaign

  1. I saw your barnraiser notice in the EPPG digest. I certainly applaud your efforts.

    While I am not now in a position to help financially, I do wonder if y’all have considered the benefits of integrating anaerobic digestion/biogas into your overall project. While these systems do provide renewable natural gas (without fracking), it is the conservation of all nutrients for fertilizer use that is their greatest benefit.

    I currently reside just north of the city. If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities, I could certainly visit.

    Best wishes, Sincerely, Biogas Bob Hamburg
    Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems
    Symbiotically Integrated Anaerobic Digestion
    Biological Repair NOT a Technological Fix!
    When you’re up the creek and sustainability is not enough -Try some OARS!

    • Because of the added weight, we don’t do composting on site, but instead partners with organizations that have the capacity to compost in a robust way. Great idea, though!