Growing Together

pallate planter

Pallet Planter in Israel, 2012


People around the world are exploring exciting new models and techniques in sustainable agriculture. Cloud 9 is “looking up” to add to Philadelphia’s local production of fruits and vegetables lots, school gardens, park spaces, and community gardens by growing on roofs. Rooftop agriculture not only increases urban agricultural production, but plays an important role in improving air quality, and reducing environmental damage to nearby rivers and streams.

Cloud 9 is launching the Cloud Mobile, a portable planter demonstrating the ins and outs of Rooftop Agriculture. The Cloud Mobile uses three soil mediums, examples of drainage materials, and a rainwater collection system. The Cloud Mobile is stationed at  Guild House West on Fairmount Avenue and will be tour Philly shortly!

rania volunteer

Rania Campbell-Cobb and Cloud 9 Volunteer build the Cloud Mobile

Cloud 9’s Cloud Mobile and demonstration garden join a growing landscape (pun intended!) of rooftop farms and gardens. The Kimmel Center, Four Seasons Hotel, Sofitel, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), PRooF, Graceful Gardens, Roof Meadows, and Urban Ecoforms to name a few, have built or are building beautiful and productive rooftop gardens.


Flowers Harvested at the Henry Got Crops! CSA


South Philadelphia High School is going big! They received $26,300 to start phase one of their rooftop farm project. Affiliated with the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association, the school will work with Roofmeadow, a landscape architecture firm, to design and implement the farm over the next few years.

Rooftop Farms offer extensive benefits to urban areas. Starting a rooftop farm poses particular challenges, including material expenses, weight load capacity, and soil health. To improve the viability of rooftop agriculture we must explore creative solutions to these challenges. We must share information, methods, struggles, and successes. Cloud 9 aims to work with all those exploring rooftop agriculture to improve agricultural productivity in Philadelphia.


Thanks for all your support!  ~ The Cloud 9 Team

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