Happy birthday brainchild Cloud 9!

I was talking with a lovely young woman the other day who is interested in farming here in the city and she said that she had read my blog and liked it! Wow, I didn’t know that anyone read this blog and it was quite exciting. Actually I haven’t been blogging much, just posting updates […]

the ideas continue

as the season’s begining advances the ideas for cloud 9 are coming in a flurry. two new items to include on the farm … 1. Solar dehydrator :                                                   2. cold […]

CLOUD 9 goes to PASA

This week Cloud 9 made it’s debut at PASA (Pennsylvania Assosiation of Sustainable Agriculture). The momement was small, but proud! We got a shout out at the Permaculture pre-track and our project was compared to the farm in Queens, the Brooklyn Grange. Yesssssss. – Ideas for our rooftop farm include : 1. Growing Vertical 2. […]