• Radishes sprouting in our biochar mix

    What’s Up With Biochar?

    Biochar is a simple soil additive that stands to alleviate a host of environmental problems. Biochar acts as a catalyst for improved soil health and can remain active in the soil for millennia! What is biochar? Biochar is charcoal used as a soil additive. It is found in the form of powder or small chunks. […]

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    Fall Supper Club

    For Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm, September ushered in our Fall Supper Club.  Seasonal supper clubs are always a fun time for Cloud 9 as we get to prepare a meal and develop community, but this was a particularly special event as it was our first event where we got to bring people up onto the […]

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    Summer Supper Club

    We kicked off this summer with our first supper club.  We might be biased, but it was a blast!  Meeting new friends, getting to harvest some of the first summer vegetables, and then making delicious spring rolls with our bounty, I mean what is not to love? For us at Cloud 9, it went deeper […]